The Halloween Collection just landed...
featuring three females 
transformed into 3 male rock icons.
With proper styling, makeup & hair - these ladies became queens of the rock kingdom.

While myself & Jillian were studying
the iconic looks of David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix & Alice Cooper - 
we came across some pretty interesting tidbits
regarding where they drew style inspiration from...

The look Jill did on Alexis was inspired by David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona. Although Bowie usually did his own makeup, Pierre LaRouche did many of his
Ziggy looks.
In a 1973 interview with Music Scene Magazine, Bowie shared that his makeup looks were inspired by his trip to Japan. He was specifically fascinated with Kabuki, Japanese and Noh theater.
If you study Bowie's makeup looks, you can see the influence of Kabuki and Japanese theater in his blush application
& the thin white base he often applied. He usually did this
with a damp sponge and created his iconic perfectly imperfect look. 
As we dug into the prolific depths of Bowie more & more, its pretty clear this influence inspired a lot of his wardrobe as well.

But lets be real, Bowie was all over the place - and every place he was...
He was f*cking 100% fabulous.

When looking into Alice Cooper's inspiration dungeon,
we found his iconic smeared makeup look was inspired 
in part by the film,
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
starring Bette Davis.
He shares,
"In the movie, Bette wears disgusting caked makeup smeared on her face and underneath her eyes, with deep, dark,
black eyeliner (Golf Monster, Alice Cooper)."
Clearly, he liked the look and decided to sport it regularly on stage - often paired with some lingerie, sparkles, leather or leopard.

Alice Cooper is a self-proclaimed "shopaholic."
In several interviews, 
he openly shares his love for thrift stores and flea markets.
Cooper claims most of what he wore on stage, and still wears,
was worn by someone before him.
In many early photos of Alice Cooper,
you can see him showcasing a variety of women's clothing, tight pants, thigh high boots, the works. Fellow rockers of the time were confused by his look and often
turned off by it.
Despite this, Cooper stuck with his mojo & it's a damn good thing he did
because look where he landed!

A big advocate of second hand clothing, 
he even opened his own thrift store in 2014 featuring his personal closet.
The shop was located in Phoenix and appropriately called Alice's Attic.
Let's take a moment to appreciate the many looks of the
fearless, cross-dressing killer - Alice Cooper.

And then, there's Jimi Hendrix...
While he didn't sport any flashy makeup, Hendrix did make a serious impression
on 60's & 70's fashion with his vibrant color choices, pattern mixing,
foreign threads & women's clothing.

Noted for being one of rock and roll's most influential fashion icons, Jimi Hendrix had humble beginnings. 
After being honorably discharged from the US Army in 1961, Hendrix decided
to fully immerse himself into music.
I think it's safe to say, most of us have encountered an image (or ten) of Hendrix in all his glory - sporting an iconic Army / Infantry jacket.
Now knowing his military past, it's easy to understand what drew towards these pieces.
And damn, he rocked it.

Hendrix was keen on color. 
He was quoted saying,
"I want my music to go inside the soul of a person. You know, for me it's colors. I want people to feel the music the same way I see it. It's just colors. That's it. The rest is just painted with a little science fiction here and there."
"You can't change the world. If I could, only thing I'd probably do is just put... I'd like a little bit more color on the streets. Other than that, man, just take shit how it comes..."

It only makes sense Jimi would be a poster child of this vision - streets full of color. Often clad in perfectly clashing psychedelic patterns & vibrant hues...
he was a burst of life, whether on stage or walking down the street.


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