HUMP DAY MUSIC! with Alejandra of Teros Magazine

I was chatting with my good friend,
Alejandra, of Teros Magazine
& we decided... 
there's no better way to get through hump day
than with some seriously good jams.
So from here on out - we're throwing down some notable albums
alongside some fun facts.
Tune In....

Dr. John 
The Sun Moon & Herbs 

With the temperature rising and dropping like crazy, its only natural to soundtrack these fickle fall evenings with Dr. John: The Sun, Moon & Herbs.
Recorded in 1971 with Grahame Bond (Sax), Eric Clapton (Slide Guitar), & Mick Jagger (background percussion) just to name a few...
A blend of psychedelia, soul and mysticism, this record will transform your surroundings into the muggy swamp whence the Night Tripper came into form.  

Thanks for tuning in friends & freaks...

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